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How to Choose Mushroom Supplements


There are a lot of mushroom supplements on the market today and unfortunately not all the supplements are of similar quality. It is very important for the consumers to be educated on the criteria for choosing the right supplements. Because, when the quality of the mushroom supplement is great, they really work!

Here are the summary of what to look for:

  • FRUIT BODIES: Always look for supplements made from whole fruit bodies. Avoid mycelium based supplements because they are at least 90% rice/grain. Avoid products that state "mycelium", "biomass", "myceliated". Look for the term "fruit body" on the supplement facts label. Fruit bodies are 10 times more potent than mycelium grown on rice. Don't waste your money on rice even though some companies claim mycelium is just as good. That may be true but they cannot remove the mycelium from the rice, so most of your money goes to rice.

  • EXTRACTS: Only extracts are bio-available (digestible) by humans. Look for the term "Extract" instead of "powder". Simple mushroom powder is not bio-available. Extracts are also at least 4 times more potent than powders. Our extracts use water (and in some cases additional alcohol) extraction.

  • BETA-D-GLUCANS: Single most important nutrient when it comes to mushroom supplements. Avoid any supplement that doesn't list Beta-D-Glucans on the label. Our extracts contain 20-25% Beta-D-Glucans.

  • ORGANIC: Organic mushrooms are always higher quality and more expensive to produce. Go with supplements made from organic mushrooms.

That's it. Pretty straight forward when you know what to look for. Now shop wisely.