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All in One Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions


This all in one kit can be inoculated with a spore syringe or liquid culture (better).

This product is very easy to use but still requires basic knowledge of mushroom cultivation. 

This product and instructions are intended for the cultivation of legal edible mushrooms.

    1. Inspect your bag for contamination and mold. If you see contamination, don’t use the grain bag. Contact us before going any further.
    2. Wipe all surfaces, your hands, tools and containers with rubbing alcohol before you start and as needed going forward. 
    3. You will now need to get some air into the bag through the filter. Hold the bag with both hands, pinching the front and back with your thumb and index fingers just above the filter, while holding the bag up in the air. This will slowly let the air in through the filter while keeping the bag sterile. This will take about 20 seconds. Eventually, there should be enough air in the bag so that the filter is not touching the back side of the bag.
    4. Once there is enough air in the bag, shake it gently, up and down, side to side, to loosen the substrate. Gently break up any clumps, if any. Make sure moisture is evenly distributed.
    5. Inject your spores or liquid culture into the bag through the injection port using a new and sterile needle. 5ml solution should be enough, assuming there is enough spores/mycelium in the solution. The denser the spores/liquid culture, the better. Hold the port with your finger as you pull out the needle and place a tape on the needle hole.
    6. Your grain bag is now ready for incubation. Let it sit in a dark, 70-75°F environment until the grains start colonizing. You should see initial growth in about 20 days if you are using a spore syringe or about 10 days if using liquid culture.
    7. When the substrate is about 10% colonized, gently squeeze the bag and gently shake the bag to accelerate colonization.
    8. When all is colonized, you can start the fruiting process right in the bag by cutting the top of the bag and start misting and fanning. You can also put the bag in a fruiting chamber if you choose.

Good Luck and Happy Harvest!